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Welcome to Big Little Life

We are Chris, Vaida, Oliver and Boris - a little family striving for BIG things!

We minimised our stuff, ditched our debt, unplugged ourselves from the grid and hand crafted a bus into a home.

We created Big Little Life with a vision to spark positive change in society for people to live happier & more sustainable lives. We hope that together we can all finally begin!

Work with us

We aim to have a positive impact on a business world by making sustainability easy, creating great brand stories, visual identities and improving your overall business planning. So here's what we do:

Brand Galaxy

We are here to help you grow your business and tell your brand's story by providing logo design and full visual branding, business planning services.

Environmental Consulting

We help your business manage your environmental footprint, continually improve and tell the world about your great work!

Sustainability kits

We have created DIY sustainability kits that are easy to use, informative and are designed to help you improve your brand's story.

Conscious living for us is a reflection of our daily choices and awareness of overall environmental footprint. We believe in a sustainable future for our planet while living up to "we don't need handful of people doing zero waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly" idea. So here's why we decided to share our favourite, environmentally friendly every day helpers with you.

Our favourites this month:


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