What is Big Little Life?

May 15, 2019
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Welcome to Big Little Life. A concept, a business, a resource centre and most importantly – a family. We are Chris, Vaida, Oliver and Boris. We downsized our lives, unplugged ourselves from the grid and live a mobile life in a self-converted bus. Yes, motorhome that is.

The project was awesome. Plenty of hard work and thought was put into it, but really it’s just a vehicle to live better lives… Living in a motorhome allows us to appreciate the things we have more. While also saving money and spending more time together as a family. Bus life for us is not about giving things up. It’s about living more luxuriously by investing in the things we want and cutting out the waste.

We started Big Little Life to create a positive change in the world.

As a family, we decided to focus on what we value in life and use those values to define success. It’s actually a very simple process – to sit down and write your top ten values in life. When you look at this list of values, you might be surprised to find that many things you do in life and are working towards don’t fit in with these. Well, that’s what we found anyway. 

We now use our values to define our success.

No longer do we define success with money, materials, big offices or fancy titles; we define it by achieving goals that are governed by our values. We now have happiness at the top of our value tree. Happiness to us is love, family, travelling, seeing the world, being in nature, learning, creating, forming new ideas. Anything that achieves these things is seen as success. The measure is different, but the result is amazing.

“A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing”. Oscar Wilde

Big Little Life family, bus conversion, motorhome

We believe the world is good but can be much better with a little effort and help. There is a great quote by Oscar Wilde. It says “a map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing”. Uncovering your closest values is really a process of discovering your map of utopia. For us, Big Little Life is our map towards utopia. We want to share our ideas around this as we strive to create a better planet home.

We place a high value on the environment and social justice.

Contrary to what many people might think, we are business minded and strive for success. We just want to do this in a responsible way for the now and for the future. There is no reason that you can’t make money while being sustainable. In fact, being environmentally responsible for most companies will save them money through efficiencies and increased sales. Checkout out our Environmental Consultancy Service & learn more. And being socially responsible can have huge benefits for workforce productivity, staff stability and recruitment of the best people. The science is out there and smart businesses are already doing it. But it’s time for these ideas to become mainstream. 

So what is Big Little Life?

Chris is Biologist and Environmental Scientist, Vaida is a graphic and web designer, photographer and style enthusiast.

Boris, Bernese Mountain Dog, Big Little Life,

Boris is a Bernese Mountain Dog and Ollie is our newest addition to the family, yet the greatest one. We have combined our crafts to produce as much helpful content as we can. We aim to be positive influence for other people looking for inspiration.

Chris has a major passion for surfing and anything ocean and outdoors. Always looking around that next headland for perfect waves. Coastal adventures make up so much of our enjoyment. He also has a passion for sharing information and ideas about society, environment and science. He will be sharing his thoughts on many environmental and social topics. It’s all about providing good quality information that we have found fascinating and useful to shape our own lives. Hopefully you can get something positive out of it and it helps improve your own life.

Vaida loves nature and the outdoors. Originally from Lithuania, she has taken to surfing and the ocean like a duck to water. Vaida has a passion for sustainable fashion and design. She is a rocket of energy and ideas, and believes that living alternatively doesn’t have to be all linen and faded tan colour pallets. Taking inspiration from the natural world – she loves patterns, colours, contrasts, unique angles, textures and light. She recently became a mum which is a radical life adjustment for the whole family… So far it has been awesome.

Boris is such a character. His favourite food is cheese and lives for walks, swims and naps. He is from milk cart pulling stock – yep, they were bred to pull milk carts in Switzerland and the children of the farm would lead them to the markets. Now he’s just a beach dog, although he might have to strap his cart on to pull the new bub around.

motorhome, bus conversion, home on wheels,

We have aspirations to travel and experience more of this wonderful world while starting right here in Australia.

Currently we call Margaret River home, in the south west of Western Australia. It’s an amazing part of the country with an abundance of food, wine and beer. It also has a natural beauty that is unique, raw, and powerful. The ocean here produces some of the biggest waves in the world. As winter approaches we will be ready to hit the road to explore the wild north of the country and then see where the road leads from there.

There are so many opportunities these days that people saying: “it can’t be done,” are always being interrupted by somebody doing it.

We want to lead by example and show likeminded and not so likeminded people that changing your life for the better is possible. There are so many opportunities these days that people saying: “it can’t be done,” are always being interrupted by somebody doing it. We aim to be one more interruption to the status quo. 

Come along for the ride. Big Little Life – it’s a lifestyle unto ourselves: one little family striving for big things. 

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