Our first road trip to Australia’s Northwest

May 21, 2019
Wedge, Australia, Western Australia, road trip

As cliche as it sounds – this was the trip that started it all. Our first road trip to Australia’s Northwest.
We knew we wanted to live an adventurous life, but we weren’t quite sure if life on the road would work for us that well. Especially when it came to our careers. No wonder why this is the most common question that everyone asks. When you tell people about living in a motorhome, always on the move, they always wonder how do you combine that with work.

As you probably already know – Chris is environmental consultant and biologist, I’m a graphic designer and photographer. When we first met Chris was just finishing his masters, and I was still finding a stable ground under my feet. So we couldn’t quite take off – needed to stabilise our financial security first. But to give it a test drive we decided to go on our first road trip up North and see how this lifestyle suits us as a couple. We aimed to go as far as Exmouth, and stop at a few spectacular places along the way – such as Wedge, Kalbarri, Ganaraloo station and Coral Bay.

Wedge, Australia, road trip,

So one day we packed our bags, threw in a bottle of wine and some food, set up a bed in our landcruiser and hit the road.

First overnighter we did at Wedge – we camped on the beach and slept under the stars. These are the perks of having a 4 wheel drive car as then you can access any potential campsite you wish. And yes, we still find camping at the beach more fun than staying at any 5 star resort.

Wedge, Astro photography, stars, night

We woke up with the sunrise, and after we had our bulletproof coffee fix, some scrambled eggs with bacon and toast, we decided not to wait any longer and get back on the road – there was quite a drive ahead of us after all. 

Wedge is gorgeous, surf is good there too, but we knew it’s not that far from Perth and we can always do a weekend gateway if we wanted to. So we spared our time and surf wax for Ganaraloo. 

The next overnighter we might have done somewhere remote when we reached Kalbarri (approx 570km from Perth). It’s hard to remember exactly where, possibly because there was lots of wine consumed. The wine does go long when you’re having a good chat by the campfire with your favorite person. I guess many of you can relate?! 

What we do remember though, is the peace and quiet that we experienced in the outback, the beautiful sunset, clear starry sky and sunrise.

Kalbarri did leave quite an impression on us. There are so many picturesque hikes that you can do in the area. The well known Nature’s Window, Z Bend, Murchison River Gorge, Pot Alley, Mushroom Rock, Eagle Gorge Lookout, etc as Trip Advisor suggest.
Unfortunately we didn’t get to do all of them as we were running out of time. But that’s another reason why we want to go back and spend a fare amount of time in the area. Living in a motorhome and not being on a strict time frame will definitely allow us to do so. 

Australia's outback, Kalbari, wildlife
Kalbarri, camping, road trip
Kalbarri, Nature's Window, road trip, Australia

A view that makes you realise how much more of the world you still have to learn… 

Australia, outback, Gnaraloo, windmill

When we finally reached Gnaraloo station and put our tent down – we decided to stay put for a few days at least.

Chris was keen to get his surf. I was excited to edit all the photos we’ve taken so far and do some client work. Boris was eager for the beach adventures, and we were all just tired of the long hours sitting in the car – needed a good rest. 

We obviously had our breaks and stopped at the road houses for some coffee and computer work. But our goal was to spend more time in nature, get out of the big smoke.

Gnaraloo was the best place to unwind. There you can’t get much service so no phone time, no instagram, no facebook. Just salt water and sand, food cooked on fire, cold beer after a day full of surfing and endless sun tanning. What could you ask for more? – one might say. Not to be greedy here or anything, but just more of this for us, please! I guess that’s why we decided to do something and make this a permanent lifestyle in the end. We realised that we can get some good amount of computer work done during breaks. In fact – we were way more productive as there were always plenty of exciting adventures waiting for us. Also, all the fresh air and sun makes you so inspired and motivated. Well, at least that’s what we felt like anyway. 

Gnaraloo Station, Australia, Outback
Boris Bernese Mountain Dog

Just salt water and sand, food cooked on fire, cold beer after a day full of surfing and endless sun tanning.

Camping, campfire, road trip,

The next stop was Coral Bay and Exmouth.

We camped at some beautiful remote spots again, did lots of snorkelling and hiking. We were quite surprised, though, about the bleaching of the reef in Coral Bay. It’s devastating what we, humans, do to our planet.

On a more positive note, we went for a hike in Yardie Creek – that was spectacular to say the least. Wish we did more of a hiking and snorkelling in Cape Range National park, but that will have to be done next time around. But yes, Exmouth is wonderful, quite a gem for any adventure lover. Plenty of things to do, wildlife to see, so if you ever plan on going up that way – make sure you spend enough time in the area. As for us – we are hoping to go back sometime soon, so we’ll share more of our adventures and tips with you! I guess there’s no surprise why our first upcoming road trip is to Australia’s Northwest once again.

Bernese Mountain Dog Boris, Gnaraloo
Exmouth, Coral Bay, coral
Yardie Creek, Australia, Outback,

After that we hit the road again and followed it all the way back home to Perth.

It took us couple of days to get back as we wanted to enjoy another night in the outback. We are glad that we did this trip, yet it felt like we barely scratched the surface. So that’s why we pursued our dream, did the bus conversion. There’s so much to see, so much to experience. Australia is massive. And some places need the right time, the right season, which doesn’t always work according to your plans. But when you live in a motorhome and don’t have a strict time frame – you can take it easy and embrace the slow living on the road to the fullest. That’s what Big Little Life is about. 

Traveling is definitely about growing as a person.

It offers so much and opens your eyes, and mind, in the ways you wouldn’t otherwise imagine possible. We believe that raising Oliver while living on the road will provide endless entertainment and the greatest life lessons. We are thinking about homeschooling to start with, but we also want to provide him freedom to choose, as well as other options too. We’ll see what the future holds, but for now – it’s time to hit the road… There are so many places calling our names and we are excited about those! So stick around and come along for a ride – we promise lots of adventure for us all!

Yardie Creek, Australia, road trip, Exmouth

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