Welcome to Big Little Life. A concept, a business, a resource centre and most importantly a family. We are Chris, Vaida, Oliver and Boris. We created Big Little Life with a vision to spark positive change in society for people to live happier and more sustainable lives. We minimised our stuff, ditched our debt, unplugged ourselves from the grid and hand crafted a bus into a home.

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As a family, we decided to focus on what we value in life and use those values to define success. We want to send a message to everyday people that changing your life for the better is possible and it’s not about being antiestablishment or a hippy. It’s about realising that life should be lived according to your terms and what you want to achieve.

We believe the world is good but can be much better with some conscious effort and help. We are here to share our experiences, thoughts and knowledge about changing our lives, and since everyone learns differently we are packaging our message into written, audio and visual media.

Big Little life is also about helping businesses transition into a sustainable and socially conscious future. As you might see we are passionate about positive change and we take that into the business world too.

We have combined our skills in marketing, business planning, graphic design and environmental management to provide businesses a unique opportunity to become sustainable and also brand that story to stand out from the crowd. We love devising sustainability initiatives and then promoting that awesome work in the way it deserves.

Chris is an environmental scientist, biologist and business coach. Vaida is a graphic designer, style enthusiast and photographer. Boris is a Bernese Mountain Dog and Oliver (Ollie) is our newest addition to the family, yet the greatest one.

We hope you can see that change is possible, because we are just everyday people that decided to become conscious to our own lives and our own decisions.

Come along for the ride. Big Little Life – it’s a lifestyle unto ourselves: one little family striving for big things.

Join us in our video adventures!