Baltic Amber Anklet/Bracelet


Many parents claim that their child is calmer, cries less and seems to experience less teething discomfort when they have been wearing an amber bead necklace or bracelet. We just love the fact that it’s all the way from Baltic Sea (Vaida is originally from Lithuania) and it reminds us all of our Lithuanian home. Amber jewellery is designed to be worn by babies when they are teething. The common belief is that the child’s body heats the amber, causing it to release oils containing succinic acid. The succinic acid, in theory, gets absorbed into the bloodstream, helping to ease baby’s pain. They also look darn adorable. This bracelet/anklet is made of 100% Baltic amber and is available in mixed colours or cognac.



  • 100% Baltic amber
  • Each bead is individually knotted for safety
  • Also available in necklace size
  • A functional fashion accessory
  • Each piece is on average 14cm

A Baby amber necklace can be worn from any age a parent is comfortable. This necklace will comfortably fit children up to 7 years of age.

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