This is a 30min consultation with Chris who will guide you through & explore what needs to be focused on next regarding your business and its sustainability. If you already have an idea and know exactly what you’re after – please fill in our contact form and reach out. Don’t forget to mention your chosen environmental consulting service or inquiry in the subject field.


Being environmentally and socially conscious with your business is the future. Customers are increasingly choosing to purchase products and services that are good for the environment. If you can be price competitive and have environmental credentials then your chances of a sale increase dramatically.

Our environmental services are all about helping your business have a lighter footprint on this globe with the additional goal of improving your marketability and sales. We offer three services that will be tailored to your needs:

  • Business sustainability planning
  • Small business environmental management systems
  • Product lifecycle assessments


Business sustainability planning

This service is about developing the various ways you could incorporate sustainability into your business. We work with you to get an overview of what you do, what you produce and who your market is. We then produce a sustainability report that captures all the ideas we have developed for improving sustainability with a recommendation of the best way forward. 

This service works perfectly for a business just starting out in looking at sustainability and what it means for your business. It gives great ideas about how to improve sustainability but also improve your brand and sales through these initiatives. 


Small business environmental management system

Environmental management systems have traditionally been used by big business to guide their effort in improving their environmental footprint. 

Here, we apply all the same principles of an environmental management system but make it practical for a small business operator. In essence, it’s about creating a simple and practical system to improve the environmental credentials of your business. 


Product lifecycle assessments

Here we improve your products environmental footprint by looking at all cycles of its life from production to use to disposal. A common outcome of this process is cost reduction in production as well as vastly improved environmental outcomes. 

We take an in-depth analysis of your products. All the inputs that go into making it from raw materials, energy use and the processes involved. We will be searching for and identifying how the things you buy to make your products are also made. So if you make jeans, we want to know how your fabric is made, what dyes are used etc. Following this, we also want to know how your product is used by your customers. Can we improve the way it’s used to reduce environmental impacts and finally we want to know how it is disposed? The world is swimming in waste and we are always looking at ways in which we can improve this. 


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This is a 30min consultation service where we will explore what we can work on next. If you have any questions – do not hesitate to fill in our contact form with the “Environmental Consultation” in a subject field & reach out!

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