Business Planning


We provide business planning services that specifically helps small businesses focus in the right direction and stay on brand. 

We know small businesses don’t have a lot of money, but we also know how important it is to be working towards a well thought out strategy. 

Our experience has shown us that most businesses need some help with three key areas of business planning. That is, defining a clear vision and mission, understanding their niche and knowing where and how to focus their resources. 


Every business is different and therefore this is a tailored service with each scope of work unique to our unique customers. 

Our deliverable will be a written business plan or branding strategy. We develop plans ranging from simple and strategic to tighten up your business focus all the way to comprehensive plans to outline every facet of your business. 

Pricing is dependent on the type of service you need. We have provided genuine business planning to clients starting at as little as $1,000.  Keeping costs low in our eye is all about understanding the specific areas that your business needs help in. 

What we love providing is a business plan that is unique to your business and is a document that you understand and will continue to update.

We want you to own and understand it. Because that’s when a difference happens. 


What’s included?
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  • We will take a few days to draw out a sketch of your business plan using your questionnaire and our experience in the industry. Then we can chat about the areas of focus, what you like / don’t like and gather any further details. 
  • Once we have all the details ironed out we can delve into doing all the market research and background work to finalise a draft of your plan. 
  • We then send you the draft to provide comment and we take all the comments into consideration and make changes accordingly. 
  • The outcome is a great business plan that is unique and can be continually evolved. The idea is that you understand your business plan so you can continually update it as your business changes over time. 


How it works?
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  • You send us an email outlining the area of assistance that you are after. We will introduce ourselves and then send you a downloadable file with a questionnaire to establish some details about your business and the service that we can provide. 
  • After this you will receive a service quote with a full description of cost, deliverables, timeframes and commitments. 


Please note!
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We highly suggest you fill in the contact form before purchasing this service with the “Brand Galaxy Business Planning” in the Subject field. Thank you.

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