Manual for handcrafting a motorhome


Things wish we’d knew before starting a bus conversion, or most of the how to’s, why do’s, how much & when, etc etc.¬†This manual for handcrafting a motorhome will surely save your lives, budget & relationships. Not that any where lost here, but easily could have. So be smarter than us, get one for yourself & thank us later!



This manual is based on our experience, and we have shown here how we have designed and installed things. It’s something wish we’d knew before we started our conversion as many errors have been made. Also many lessons learnt.

So after doing ridiculous hours of research, watching video tutorials, scratching our heads, trying, and working hard, we finally have cracked the code on how to build a motorhome, and we put it all in here.

This manual package includes PDF book with diagrams and spreadsheets that we are confident will save your sanity, relationships, budget & just life in general.

Starting with some pre-build advice, then scheduling monthly date nights with your project partner, then planning your build, design aesthetics, interior, light, demolition time, storage organisation, plumbing, heating, cooling, gas, solar panel set ups, passenger seating, the list goes on. All that we have covered here.

Any question you’ll come across – we have answered already. Yet if you still have any before you make the purchase – feel free to reach out by filling our contact form.

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